Alarm Management

Alarm Management is a reporting tool that allows you to measure and report against world-class alarming standards and guidelines, leading to higher efficiency and safety.

The reports that are available in Alarm Management provide the tools necessary for alarm system performance measurement and improvement, providing valuable insight into the alarm system.
These reports include an alarm system performance dashboard and a system performance comparison report supporting continuous improvement initiatives.

With Alarm Managemen, the maintenance costs will be reduced and the performance of the plant drastically improved.

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Features and Benefits

Licensed components of an Adroit Agent Server

Route new and existing alarms to an SQL database

Set performance KPI targets

Database housekeeping

Categorise alarms

Assign associated process values to alarms

Configure pre-defined reasons for operator input on specified alarms

Link docs to alarms (e.g. SOPs)

Multiple Adroit agent servers can connect to a single

Bulk configuration with Excel (import and export)

Bad Actors Reports

Alarms that, if not dealt with, cause system degradation. These alarms appear often and eliminating issues can improve performance.

Incident Detail Report

Highlights incidents distribution (per hour) over the selected period for the selected incidents.

Alarm Type Report

Summarises incidents for the user-selected type.

Reasons & Notes Analysis Report

Highlights the prevalent reasons, sub-reasons and notes assigned to incidents.

Associated Values Report

Provides a detailed list of configured associated values per incident.

Detail Reasons & Notes Report

Highlights the prevalent reasons, sub-reasons and notes assigned to incidents.

Alarm Category Report

Summarise incidents for the user-selected category.

Exception Incidents Reports

Displays detailed alarm information.

Adroit Report Suite Documents

AMA Brochure

AMA Report Pack

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