Environmental Management and Safety Systems

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Environmental and safety systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of measurements, processes, and practices that enable an organisation to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating safety and efficiency.

This proactive approach can help reduce the risk of non-compliance and improve workplace health and safety practices for employees and the public.

Environmental Management System

Monitoring strategies and programs are designed to establish, monitor, and manage the status of an environment and to establish trends or identify risks. The monitoring results are reviewed, analysed statistically reported or documented, and utilised to establish a successful and dynamic monitoring and management system.

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Features and Benefits


The EMS module seamlessly plug-in into the Adroit platform, providing specific off-the-shelf functionality around early fire detection and environmental monitoring.

Early Warning

EMS has both a Safety/Environment and Fire Detection component that includes the easy deployment and management of sensors, visualisation built on the fly, early detection of fire, and various report sets as required for regulatory bodies.

Single Management Platform

Reliable, rapid deployment of online real-time configuration, no downtime.

Cross Platform

The platform has been developed to allow OEM suppliers’ plug-ins to work seamlessly within the framework. These include most of the leading sensor and PLC suppliers. Multiple sensor vendor support in a single scalable platform.


Traceability across the system and users provides for auditing, data logging, and comprehensive reporting.

Standard Templates

Both predefined and customisable interfaces enforce standard visualisation, alarming, and control across systems.

Modules and Components

The 21CFR11 feature provides additional auditing and authentication functionality that is not only important for regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals but also for general manufacturing and processes where a second level of verification and Audit trail is required

Centralised View

Views can be localised or Centralised across the enterprise in a real-time or information-driven dashboard.

Remote Monitor

Multiple sensor vendor support in a single scalable platform.

Reporting and Analytics

Predefined and customisable Interfaces.

Audit Reports

Reliable, rapid deployment of online real-time configuration.

Maintenance Reports

Traceability provides for auditing, data logging and comprehensive reporting.

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