Standard Report Pack

The Adroit Standard Report Pack provides a basic insight into your system and process as well as offers you a free web-based view into historical trends. Reports are further categorized as Auditing, Data logging, and General.

Auditing provides the tools necessary to view the activities of the Agent server and SmartUI server with reports such as Adroit Audit Activity and SmartUI Audit Activity. It is also a report set to measure the duration of the session of the Agent server with a report such as the Agent Server Session.

Standard Report Pack

Report Deployment Utility

The Report Deployment Utility function is to help you create and deploy report packs. These report packs consist of Reporting Services’ reports, data sources and components. The utility interfaces with SQL Reporting Services’ web service.

The Report Deployment Utility will help you with the more complex tasks of managing your SQL Server Reporting Services.

Report Switchboard

The SCADA switchboard is the navigation menu system for the Adroit Report Suite which includes the Adroit standard report pack on the Adroit DBLog agent data, Adroit Audit reports and General reports. The agent server auditing includes any activities on the agent server, while the tag auditing is concerned specifically
with data logged by any Audit Agents or SmartUI auditing.

ASI Documents

Standard Report Pack

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