Adroit Max Demand Agent

Take Charge of Consumption: Stay Below the Maximum Demand Limit with Max Demand Agent

Proactive Monitoring with Max Demand Agent: Predicting Peak kVA Demand and Setting Alerts

Max Demand monitoring leads to cost savings and lower energy consumption.

Adroit Maximum Demand Agent is an additional cost for most non-domestic power users.  It is the method used by your electricity provider to control how much electricity you use, especially at peak times, when your usage coincides with peak domestic usage. Monitoring your maximum demand can result in considerable savings and reduced power usage.

However, it is recommended to automate this monitoring by using a Max Demand Agent, because one mistake can easily exceed your maximum demand limit for the current billing period.

The Agent predicts the maximum kVA demand for the current block period interval over which your electricity provider monitors your maximum demand, which is typically 30 minutes, so you can create alarms if the predicted consumption exceeds a predefined limit.

This enables you to control the electricity consumption during each block period and prevent your actual “maximum demand limit” from being exceeded.

Usually, control entails turning off machines which do not affect the main production process or which are not essential. While the primary aim of this Agent is to monitor your power usage, it can also automate the control of your electricity consumption. In other words, you can use its “Max Demand” status slot in a script or expression Agent to perform the necessary remedial actions. The Max Demand Agent can also calculate your instantaneous power factor, which also has the potential to save you money.

Adroit Max Demand Agent
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