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SCADA Intelligence is a data warehousing system that collects and processes data from disparate data sources and makes the resulting information available on a common platform to enable decision-making.

SCADA Intelligence is an out-of-the-box data warehousing and business intelligence solution that collects, processes, and organises historical data from disparate data sources into a structured industry-standard data model (ISA-95 Expanded Equipment Hierarchy).

Adroit SCADA Intelligence

The resulting information is then made available on a common platform to enable informed decision-making.

SCADA Intelligence is developed on the Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions scale to the growing needs of your organisation and
provide the agility to respond quickly to changes.

The SCADA Intelligence Manager is used to configure data connectors, define how and when data is to be processed, database archiving, system backups, monitor system performance, processing durations, and system error logs.

The SCADA Intelligence Analyser allows users to do ad hoc analysis on both the Data Warehouse and the Operational Data Store using drag-and-drop functionality.

Industries using SCADA Intelligence






Facilities Management

Food and Beverage

Oil and Gas



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Features and Benefits


The ability of cyber-physical systems (CPS), humans and “smart factories” to connect and communicate with each other via the IoT and the Internet of Services (IoS).

Real-time Capability

The capability to collect and analyse data and provide insights immediately.

Service Orientation

Offering of services CPS, humans and smart factory) via the IoS.


A virtual copy of the physical processes or “smart factory” created by linking sensor data with virtual
plant models and simulation models.


The ability of CPS within the smart factory to make decisions on their own.


Flexible adaptation of smart factories for changing requirements of individual modules.

Master Communicator

Makes the connection back to the host, leaving users unbound to using specific network operators as any data SIM card can be used.

Internal Link Manager

Gives an indication of possible problems on devices and allows for alarms to be set if the communications link is lost or interrupted.

Statistical Data

Estimate statistical data on devices are available, such as errors, messages, Rx/Tx, etc.

Data Transmission Control

Supports polling for real-time data, and history of data stored on the device, allowing management or control of the level of data being transmitted.

Data Management

It is possible to “empty” the historical buffer, assisting with data management, based on a percentage-use basis – 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

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