Water Balance Agent

Water Balance Agent

The water balance agent that balances water distribution

Water Balance Agent

Addressing the Initial User Requirement which Emphasized the Necessity for Balancing Water Distribution Processes within Networks. Our system is designed to meticulously monitor the inflow and outflow, meticulously considering volume changes within storage units to accurately assess loss and gain scenarios.

Reservoir Balance (Process Balance)

According to the well-established principle of the water balance law, it is posited that the sum of inflows into a water system or area equates to the combined outflows and any alterations in storage over a specified time frame. This fundamental concept serves as the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring meticulous consideration of all components involved in water management processes.

  • Flow converter
  • Volume calculation/converting
  • Multiple in- and outflows
  • Process alarms
  • Fill status with fill rate
Water Balance Agent

Demand Management

“Incorporating insights from the Energy Max Demand Agent, our objective is to emulate its robust functionality within the realm of electricity modelling. By leveraging these insights, we strive to deliver comparable efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring seamless integration and optimization within the electricity domain.”

Powered by the initial storage inputs, our demand management system is geared towards meticulously tracking demand and recovery across two distinct time frames. The first phase focuses on high-resolution block periods, catering to short-term burst management and cycle time identification, typically spanning a single process cycle (day). Meanwhile, real-time statistics are continuously collected to facilitate timely alarming and enable informed data analysis, ensuring proactive decision-making and optimization of operational processes.

  • Demand (Total Usage)
  • Maximum demand, block and cycle statistics
  • Recovery rate with predictive status
  • Process Alarms (under-recovery, high demand)

Data Logging

The Agent will maintain a predefined table structure, connection string and statuses.

Power Bi Analytics

Water Balancing Agent

Value to Customers

  • This Agent was built in collaboration with our Water Customers.
  • It is currently being piloted at Joburg Water.
  • It has been installed at Umgeni Water.
  • Our Digital Services team uses this Agent’s data to build models to predict future demand based on historical data and current network performance.

Assisting our customers in proactively managing their networks in real-time

Built in collaboration with our Water Customers
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