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Flexible, object-oriented, client-server architecture

The Future of Process Visualisation and Productivity

Reduces the cost of ownership, improves quality, and increases productivity and profits.

The MAPS SCADA is a real-time data acquisition and reporting software product that is not limited to industrial automation but is extensively used in mining and mineral processing building and facilities management, water management, network management, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, healthcare, and IoT markets.

MAPS is optimised for Windows, which makes it a more flexible, simpler, smarter, and faster offering with no limitations, even for the most advanced users. The design environment is delivered through a familiar and intuitive ribbon toolbar resulting in more rapid engineering, which leads to higher productivity and ultimately reduced cost. The Internet-enabled Designer and Operator applications support hosted solutions to support the modern trend toward cloud computing


The Technology

MAPS is a 64-bit SCADA system designed for process control, manufacturing systems, and open automation applications.

MAPS is developed on the .NET platform and is compatible with various Microsoft operating systems. Adroit has a flexible, object-oriented, client-server architecture that supports any system from a stand-alone implementation to an installation spanning multiple distributed sites.


MAPS is built on a client-server architecture, where the Agent Server (I/O Server) communicates with field devices and performs the Server functions for scanning, logging, alarming, and value processing.

The Client side (Classic and Smart User interfaces) provides the capability of configuring, displaying, manipulating, and delivering the values to a rich, secure user interface

Why choose us​

Features and Benefits

Simplified Bulk Configuration

Generate your tag configuration using the power of Excel, including canning, logging and alarming. Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled modules, wizards and templates available in the library.

New and Enhanced Graphic Libraries

Built on the native WinForms architecture, MAPS delivers the capability of using vector-based graphics mixed with standard Windows controls. If users have the ability to build user controls, these can also be used to achieve a customised view or manipulation of data

Built-in Wizards and Templates

MAPS is shipped with over 300 shapes and wizards. MAPS offers higher engineering productivity using common objects.

Built-in Auditing

MAPS is delivered with a built-in auditing capability. Keep track of engineering and system and setpoint changes. Auditing report is free in the Report Suite

Object-Orientated Architecture

The MAPS I/O server is fully object-orientated. The MAPS tags are in fact intelligent tags. Each object within the server is built to serve a specific requirement and has built-in intelligence. It is possible within the standard MAPS SCADA to build an integrated performance-driven shop-floor solution without having to purchase large enterprise MES solutions.

Enhanced Security

The product is built on Microsoft Security, respecting Users and Groups locally or on Domain Controllers. Projects can be secured down to the smallest data element or client-side control.

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